Combined Federal Campaign at Langley

NASA Langley’s 2015 CFC Campaign will begin on October 14, and will run through December 15th, 2015.

The theme for our campaign this year is “We Make it Possible.” and the Center’s 2015 goal is $325,000.

Please join us at Langley’s CFC kick off scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 14th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in NASA Langley’s new Cafeteria. We will celebrate the start of the 2015 CFC season by serving cake to our employees.  Also, to ensure the cake is a “little sweeter” we will be locking up the manager’s in the annual CFC Jail Your Manager event.  A new twist to this year’s event is your manager can do additional hard time on by exercising on a spin bike!

Whether you want to help hungry families obtain food, fund research for devastating diseases, protect our environment, support returning veterans, provide disaster relief, or support any other cause that is important to you, you can make it possible through the 2015 Campaign.

If you have not yet contributed to the CFC, please consider making a donation today.   Donations to your favorite charity or charities can be made through payroll deductions or by a one-time donation. Payroll deductions can be made by Civil Servants through Employee Express. Contractors can also participate in CFC by making a one-time contribution using the paper pledge form.  For more information about donating to the CFC see the instructions provided below.

Employee Express:

Instructions for utilizing Employee Express to make donations to the CFC may be reviewed by Clicking Here.

Here is a link to the Employee Express website.

Paper Pledge Form:
Paper Pledge Forms are available from your organizations CFC Key Worker. Click on the below link to see a list of the 2015 key workers:

2015 CFC Key Workers

  • Employees continue to have the option of completing a paper pledge form, in lieu of completing an electronic pledge form
    • All cash contributions must be make directly to Langley’s CFC Financial Chairperson, Yvonne Beyer. You can make arrangements for cash contributions by contacting Yvonne by e-mail at w.beyer@nasa.gov or by phone at 41205.
    • Payroll deductions are sent directly to the Center Payroll office for entry into the payroll system upon receipt by the CFC Financial Chairperson
  • Contractors can participate in CFC by making a onetime contribution using the paper pledge form. Contractors cannot contribute through payroll deduction

All paper pledge cards and cash contributions should be turned into Yvonne Beyer (B2102, cubicle 299-9.)

Instructions for using the paper pledge form:

CFC pledge instr