We appreciate that so many of you have taken time to contribute to last year’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Current CFC team is planning this years activities. Below is some information on recent campaign enhancements and donating to the CFC.

Contributions to the CFC help in so many ways, including health care, medical research, disaster relief, housing, youth development and much more.

If you need assistance on how to donate, please review the information under the thermometer on the right.

Recent Campaign Enhancements

In 2017, the CFC implemented regulatory changes in order to provide greater efficiency, data security, transparency, and expanded giving options. In 2018, the campaign is continuing to improve the donor experience.

Centralized Giving Platform – This online pledge platform replaced all local and department pledge collection systems and provides the highest level of data security. The platform is accessible for all federal employees, contractors, and retirees. The system underwent improvements in 2018 to make it easier for donors to select their correct Department/Agency and Office/Unit, pledge using more than one method, and pledge dollars and volunteer hours on the same account.

To access the new portal, Click here.

Volunteer Pledges – Federal employees have the option to pledge volunteer hours to their favorite charity in addition to monetary donations.




Retiree Giving – Federal retirees can continue to support the causes they care about through the CFC by making a donation through their federal annuity, credit card, or a check.


Paper Pledges – The form has been revised for 2018 to make it easier to complete. The form can be downloaded from the website or ordered through your CFC Outreach Coordinator.


Additional Information on CFC may be found at the following web-sites below.

http://www.cfcvab.org/ (This is the CFC of Virginia and Albemarle Bay website)

http://www.cfcnca.org/ (This is the CFC of the National Capital Area)