LaRC 2017 CFC Activities


This year you can vote for your favorite pumpkin, chili and car from your computer, cell phone or tablet. Simply go to, password: CFC2017. Additional details will be provided at each event.


11/15 – Jail the Manager’s – Click Here for the Event Photos

Jail the Manager Event Coordinator – Tracey Redman

We need your help to create the list of managers to be “jailed.” Go to, password: CFC2017 and add a name or, if it has already been added, vote it up. The more votes, the more time behind bars. (You can add and vote up names through noon on Nov. 14 in order to be included in the Jail the Manager event on Nov. 15.)

Additional details about participating can be found on the event flyer, Click Here for the flyer.

It promises to be a ‘captive’-ating event and we hope you are able to stop by the café to see all the jailbirds.

A judge and sheriff will be there to keep them straight!

Previous 2017 Events 

10/13 – Key-Worker / Coordinator Training

10/18 – CFC Kickoff and Cake Cutting

10/25 – Key-Worker / Coordinator Training (Review of  New On-line Donation Process)

10/26 – Pumpkin Fest Pumpkin Carving Contest – Click Here for the Event Photos

11/1 –  Chili Cook-off

11/6 – Car Show – Click Here for the Event Photos